Mathematics education in an East-West perspective
A meeting with focus on the relation between teaching, learning and education with roots in local traditions and culture, national goals and global perspectives.

Here we aggregate the presentations

Berinderjeet Kaur (Professor, National Institute of Mathematics Education, Singapore) Evolution of the school mathematics curriculum in Singapore.

Maurice O’Reilly (Professor, St Patrick’s College, Dublin) Recent developments in mathematics curricular reform in Ireland.

Anna Jørgensen (Associate Professor emirita, (University College, Teacher Education Zahle) Mathematics teaching and learning in the Danish primary and secondary school (age 6 -16) with a perspective on mathematical competences and working methods.

Levi Elipane (Ph.D., Dept. of Science Education, University of Copenhagen): Lesson studies in Japan

Kaj Østergaard (Associate Professor, VIA University College, Aarhus)

Samuel Bengmark (Kalmar University): Gifted students in Sweden