Matematikkonkurrencer var emnet for en af ICME 13’s Topic Study Groups.
Nogle titler fra indlæggene: Are Mathematics Competitions Changing
Mathematics? – China Mathematical Olympiad School: A Case Study – Beyond Lǎozǐ:
The Goals of Mathematics Instruction – Mathematics Competitions as a Tool for
Development of Gifted Students – The Mathematical Olympiad of Central America and
The Caribbean: 17 Years Supporting Math Contests in the Region – Mathematics and
Engineering in Real Life – Math@Xxi: An Inclusive Competition for Mathematics
Enculturation – Mathematics Competition Problem Solving Knowledge and Skills in
Pre-Service Mathematics Teacher Education – Age Factor in Performance on a
Competition Paper.

Opmærksomheden er stor og med international mangfoldighed. Hvad et det
danske syn på betydningen for matematikuddannelse?